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Luis Fonsi - Nuestra Balada

''Before suddenly the sun rises Before the pain forces you to leave I still have so many things to say But only one thing to ask Give me back this kiss please If nothing was perfect between me and you Maybe it wasn't you, maybe it was me Although it seems our love is true I know that in this desert there will be a flower Give me back this kiss please...''

MC Blitzy feat. Luis Fonsi & Nicole Scherzinger – She’s BINGO

Luis Fonsi official music video 'She's Bingo'Produced by – Tomer Biran, Luis Fonsi, Directed by  Roy Raz (Released  Mar 08, 2021)

"You’re ready? Yeah, Come on! B I N G O (Yeah..) B I N G O Na na na na na na na na B I N G O (B I N G Oh..) B I N G O (Ohhh ehhh) Hi, Holy Moly, She’s my one and only (eh) She’s my Bingo when she’s winning cause she’s dancing slowly Every night got me out of control Beating me with just one volley Like Flamenco she’s singing Ole Ole Ole..."

Luis Fonsi, Rauw Alejandro - Vacío 

Luis Fonsi official music video 'Vacio'Music Video by Luis Fonsi, Rauw Alejandro performing Vacio | LatinAutor - SonyATV, LatinAutorperf, SonyATV Publishing (Released  Feb 19, 2021)

"Perdona si te estoy llamado en este momento, Pero quería decirte todo lo que siento, Yo sé que las palabras se las lleva el viento, Pero si no te llamo voy a enloquecer, Y sé muy bien que estoy violando nuestro juramento, Despué' de par de trago' siempre me arrepiento, Yo sé que estás con alguien, que no es el momеnto, Y tienes que sabеr..."

Luis Fonsi, Zé Neto & Cristiano, Thyy - Por Isso Que Eu Bebo

Luis Fonsi official music video 'Por Isso Que Eu Bebo'Songwriters: Irineu Vaccari, José Toscano Martins Neto, Luis Fonsi| LatinAutor - SonyATV, LatinAutorperf (Premiered Feb 05, 2021)

" De bar em bar de mesa em mesa, Eu tomando cerveja porque ela não me quer, Hoje é mais uma sexta-feira, Que eu 'to dando bobeira por causa dessa mulher, Quem me ligou não foi ela, Foi uma amiga dela dizendo que ela me quer, Mas quando eu encontro ela, Vem cheia de historinha é a rainha do migué..."

Luis Fonsi, Farruko - Perfecta

Luis Fonsi official music video 'Perfecta'Songwriters: Carlos Efren Reyes Rosado, Mauricio Rengifo,Andres Torres, Franklin Jovani Martinez, Luis Alfonso Rodriguez, Andy Bauza, Marcos G Perez | LatinAutor - SonyATV, CMRRA, LatinAutorperf (Premiered Sep 24, 2020)

"Aaaaaay! Otra vez sentado aquí en la esquina donde no, me ves Será que otro tequila ayudará esta vez Será que voy, a hablarte o pasará otra vez la misma estupidez, Bailando frente a mí en cámara lenta ey Sonando una, canción de los noventa Y antes de que me arrepienta, Quiero decírtelo en secreto con una canción No estoy, borracho lo prometo, pero tú eres perfecta Tu eres perfecta, Pero no te has dado cuenta Quiero decírtelo de frente sin, explicación El amor llega de repente y es que tú eres perfecta Tú eres perfecta h..."

Luis Fonsi - Girasoles (Official Video)

Luis Fonsi official music video 'Girasoles' Written by Luis Fonsi, Andres Torres, Mauricio Rengifo | SonyATV publishing, LatinAutor - SonyATV, PEDL, LatinAutorPerf (Released May 01, 2020)

"Como la luna y el sol, Que hasta la noche siempre tienen que esperar, Aunque no estás hoy a mi lado, yo sé que tú vas a llegar, Los girasoles nunca dejan de girar, Como en la orilla del mar, El agua viene con caricias que se van, Yo sé muy bien que tú te fuiste, tú sabes bien que volverás, Los girasoles nunca dejan de girar..."

Luis Fonsi, Sebastián Yatra, Nicky Jam - Date La Vuelta

A music video Date La Vuelta from UMG Recordings | SonyATV, Warner C (Premiered Apr 23, 2019)

"Turn around mommy, Let your hair down for me. Turn around mommy, (Tell me Fonsi) The night is so perfect, how good you look, Oh, That short dress you're my brunette, huh. Of all you are the first, huh. I'll take you anywhere, huh. We do everything your way, yeh..."

Luis Fonsi - Sola

A music video by Luis Fonsi performing famous SOLA | UMG Recordings (Published Jan 23, 2019)

"I know you don't need to be told about love, I know. But I can't stant it anymore and I'll tell you, That your look fits me well. I had dreamed and I know who, If you want to talk to me I will ask you. Tell me you're alone and nobody sees you like me. Tell me the hours..."

Luis Fonsi, Ozuna - Imposible

Writer PSY, YOO GUN-HYUNG | YG Entertainment Inc. | Artist PSY (Published Oct 18, 2018)

"Fonsi. What you need when you're with him, That I look at you and make you feel woman. Don't lie that he will never make love to you. Like me, like me (Ozuna). Keep your secret here in the heart..."

Luis Fonsi - Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee

Writer LUIS, ERIKA ENDER, RAYMOND AYALA, DADDY YANKEE | EMI Music (Published Jan 12, 2017)

Click here to watch lyric video - "Yes, you knwo I've been watching you for a while now to dance with you today (DY). I saw that your gaze was already calling me. Show me the wayI'm going (Oh)..."

Luis Fonsi, Demi Lovato - Échame La Culpa

A Latino pop Vevo hit by Luis Fonsi and Demi Lovato | Streetmix | UMG (Published Nov 16, 2017)

"Hey Fonsi, Oh no, Hey yeah. I have something to confess in this story. I already understood very well what happened. And although it hurts so much, I have to accept, That you are not the bad one..."

Luis Fonsi, Juan Luis Guerra - Llegaste Tú

This pop song, written by Luis Fonsi and Claudia Brant, got nominations for Latin Grammy and Lo Nuestro awards | Sony/ATV (Published Aug 28, 2014)

"Since you came alive, THe silences whisper to me, The flowers are reborn, The sun barely rises. They laugh at winter. Since you came alive, We have cheated on time..."

Luis Fonsi - No Me Doy Por Vencido

Writer of this music video are Claudia Brant and Luis Fonsi | UMG, CMRRA (Published Dec 13, 2009)

"I stay silent, I am like a sleeping child, That you can wake up with just a noise. When you least expect it. At least I imagine. I know that one day I can't stand it and I go and look at you, And you laugh and you take me for a daring crazy..."

Luis Fonsi - Aqui Estoy Yo

Latin pop Vevo music video with Aleks Syntek, Noel Schajris and David Bisbal (Published Jun 16, 2009)

"Here I am to make you, Laugh one more time. Trust me, leave your fears behind. And you'll see. Here I am with a kiss, Burning my lips. It's for you, can your life change. Let me in. I ask the sun..."

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