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Anuel AA - Llorando En Un Ferrari

REAL HASTA LA MUERTE presenta a Anuel AA en “Llorando en un Ferrari”. (Released Dec 3, 2021)

'' Someone better than me, I know you deserve it The culprit was me, said the judges (Oh-oh) It kills me if you are not there as long as the sun rises (Sun rises) God does not answer me no matter how much I pray to him I spend my time crying inside a Ferrari (Ferrari) Since you are not there (No), tell me, where are you? (Are you) Without you I have a bad time (Bad), baby, without you there is no party (Party)
I will not bеt on love again


The Orchard Music (on behalf of Real Hasta La Muerte LLC & Aura Music Corp.); ASCAP, CMRRA, LatinAutor - UMPG, Polaris Hub AB, UNIAO BRASILEIRA DE EDITORAS DE MUSICA - UBEM, AMRA. (Released Jan 21, 2021)

'' Brr, ah? I want to use this moment, from the bottom of my heart To say that I apologize... to absolutely no one! We are The Gods! (Krr, hanbeon deo!) The untouchables, did you hear, bastard? Brr! Woah-oh (Brr) Real until death Woah-oh, oh, oh (¿Ah?) Brr (Brr) Yeah Los Diose'! Don't call me, I'm in the Bugatti All of my bitches are Perry like Katy (Yeah; woah-oh-oh-oh)...''

Anuel AA - Narcos

The Orchard Music (on behalf of 2020 Real Hasta La Muerte, LLC); Warner Chappell, BMI - Broadcast Music Inc., PEDL, CMRRA, LatinAutorPerf, Sony ATV Publishing, LatinAutor - SonyATV, AMRA, LatinAutor. (Released Jun 26, 2020)

'' Real until death, you heard bastard? (Brr) Yo, Jeday, lower the volume, I hear myself fused (Ah) Brr  We are fugitives (Fugitives) And these bastards aren't going to catch me (Aren't going to catch me) Capsulating in the V8 high (High) In the passenger seat I have the M16 (Brr, brr) And in the village bedeviled (bedeviled) And he who flexes on me is gonna get fucked up (Fucked up)...''

Anuel AA - Reggaetonera 

The Orchard Music (on behalf of Real Hasta La Muerte, LLC); LatinAutor - UMPG, LatinAutorPerf, UMPG Publishing, BMI - Broadcast Music Inc., Kobalt Music Publishing, UNIAO BRASILEIRA DE EDITORAS DE MUSICA. (Released Jun19, 2020)

'' She's been faithful to reggaeton (To reggaeton) She's never turned on it (Never) She's a partier to another level Dropped with a friend to smoke (To smoke) She's a bad girl and she likes the problematic ones (Problematic) She's a fan of perreo and she knows all the classics (All the classics) She's reggaeton girl to the grave (Oh-oh-oh) On the weekends she only wants to party (Oh-oh) She's crazy when the DJ gets her going (Gets her going) All the songs that make her dance...''

Anuel AA - Fútbol y Rumba

The Orchard Music (on behalf of 2020 Real Hasta La Muerte, LLC); LatinAutorPerf, Kobalt Music Publishing, Polaris Hub AB. (Released May 29, 2020)

'' Champagne and football and party (Woo) And the reggaetón is booming The party doesn't stop and we spend the fund There's just one life and there isn't a second We're going to dance, you and I, woman Light up the party, have a good time Today we're going to party, today we're going to drink...''

Anuel AA - Hasta Que Dios Diga

The Orchard Music (on behalf of 2020 Real Hasta La Muerte, LLC); LatinAutor - SonyATV, SOLAR Music Rights Management, PEDL, Polaris Hub AB, Warner Chappell, BMI - Broadcast Music Inc., UMPG Publishing. (Released May 29, 2020)

'' Brr Tonight the night is ending with you naked in my bed (Bed) Last night I dreamed of you (Dreamed), and I was left with desires (Desires; ooah) Baby, turn off your phone, I want to enjoy you You're not going to answer him, no, yeah (Yeah-yeah) And that skirt looks good with your booty pressed up
But it's time to take it off

Anuel AA - No Me Ame

SME (on behalf of Sony Music Latin); LatinAutor - UMPG, Polaris Hub AB, Kobalt Music Publishing, Songtrust, LatinAutorPerf, Sony ATV Publishing, CMRRA, Abramus Digital, UMPG Publishing. (Released Apr 17, 2020)

'' Uah, oh Hey, Rvssian I always call you late at night (At night) Almost always after 12 (After 12) If sex is a religion, well, we're gods But we aren't JAY-Z or Beyoncé (Ooh, oh) Don't love me, don't, don't love me (Eh-eh) Don't call me, baby, don't claim me (Eh eh) Don't call me, baby, I'll call you (Ooh, oh)...''

Anuel AA - Keii

The Orchard Music (on behalf of Real Hasta La Muerte, LLC); AMRA, PEDL, LatinAutorPerf, UNIAO BRASILEIRA DE EDITORAS DE MUSICA - UBEM, Warner Chappell, BMI - Broadcast Music Inc. (Released Feb 7, 2020)

'' She no longer thinks of him (Of him) He turned her into someone she is not It is not enough to give love and be faithful (Be faithful) Today she goes like Romeo, she wants to drink And no (And no), she doesn't trust anyone anymore And no (No), today she goes out and drinks And woo (Woo), the DJ plays the dembow (Dembow) Uah, uah...''

Anuel AA - China

The Orchard Music (on behalf of 2020 Real Hasta La Muerte, LLC); AMRA, LatinAutor - UMPG, Abramus Digital, BMI - Broadcast Music Inc., ARESA, Polaris Hub AB, LatinAutor, BMG Rights Management (US), LLC, MINT_BMG, ASCAP, IMPEL, Warner Chappell. (Released Jul 19, 2019)

'' Honey came in and she caught me red-hande Creeping with the girl next door My wife was calling me (Woah, oh, oh) Oh, oh, oh My wife was calling me But I didn't answer (Uah, baby; turn it up) Because I was dancing with you And I forgot about her (Mami) God forgive me I don't know why I failed her (I failed; uah)...''

Anuel AA - Secreto

UMG (on behalf of Anuel AA & Karol G - Secreto); UMPI, LatinAutor - UMPG, CMRRA, LatinAutor - SonyATV, AMRA, ASCAP, LatinAutor, Sony ATV Publishing, SOLAR Music Rights Management. (Released Jan 15, 2019)

'' Baby Baby-baby, ooah Baby [Chorus: Anuel AA, Karol G & Both] What's between us is a secret, that no one finds out (Ooah) Baby, I always cum when you cum (Ooah) To the world we are friends and we do it secretly (Oh, oh, oh) You and me only in my bed and God is the witness (Oh, oh, oh) What's between us is a secret, that no one finds out (We see each other) And everyone talks about us, but we always make love (We make love)...''

Anuel AA - Street Poem

AdShare MG for a Third Party (on behalf of spiff); LatinAutor - PeerMusic, AdShare (Publishing), BMI - Broadcast Music Inc., LatinAutorPerf. (Released Mar 31, 2017)

'' Pregunta si la amo Dice ser sincero No lo cojas personal Solo pienso en dinero Pero te lo prometo Voy ah ser historia Y aunque me odien Van ah tenerme en su memoria No me mientas herma Y mírame ah los ojos Estas arrebatao Porque los tienes rojos It i don't fu*kTu sabes no te miento...''

Anuel AA - Tentandome

AdShare for a Third Party (on behalf of Spiff TV, LLC / Real Hasta La Muerte, Inc.); LatinAutor, LatinAutorPerf, Kobalt Music Publishing. (Released Mar 31, 2017)

'' She is not talking But his eyes this seduciendome (seduciendome) 'ta with four friends, they're all rich From the head to the feet (the feet) Viro pa ' atrás, made from Colombia And you have a man who is a gangster I But tell him I have a 40. And tell him I live at war too. Is what you're looking for At the disco drinking and smoking (uah)...''

Anuel AA - Nunca Sapo

AdShare for a Third Party, Vydia (on behalf of Spiff TV, LLC / Real Hasta La Muerte, Inc.); ASCAP, BMI - Broadcast Music Inc. (Released Mar 17, 2017)

''Mira Brother Viran de nuevo ahora Esta gente son como el sica se vienen pa` la iglesia Y después quieren morir pa`tras como si no hubiera pasado Abre la boca que aquí es lo que es plomo pa`todo el mundo Por eso es que yo me cago en la madre que los pario Vamos pa`la calle chorrehijo de la gran p***...''

Anuel AA - Nacimos Pa Morir

Vydia (on behalf of MMG Latino); LatinAutor - Warner Chappell, Warner Chappell, LatinAutor, AMRA, CMRRA, UMPG Publishing, AdShare (Publishing), LatinAutorPerf, ASCAP, UNIAO BRASILEIRA DE EDITORAS DE MUSICA - UBEM, BMI - Broadcast Music Inc. (Released Jul 14, 2015)

''Baby you and I were born to die That bastard makes you cry, but he doesn't know I'm making you come. I do not forget the time when we are chingando baby Come smoke with me baby, I feel like this world is going to be dug soon Come with me drink, forget that fool I don't ... it, you love him, but you lie, baby. Your eyes shine like my clothes baby I feel like this world is going to end soon. Come with me drink and forget that fool...''

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